SUN EMULSION SPF 30 / 100ml, 3.4oz


JULISIS uses alchemistic essences made of precious metals, gemstones and biobotanically cultivated healing plants. Enriched with herbal extracts and JULISIS liquid silver essence® this unique formula hydrates and protects even the most sensitive skin. patented natural mineral sun screen complex helps prevent skin damage and premature ageing [30 UVA/12UVB].

the silky light consistency spreads evenly without leaving white residue and guarantees an even, longer lasting tan. perfectly suited for daily use on children’s skin and users with allergic tendencies.

apply generously over face, neck and body to ensure full protection. gold elexir day and gold emulsion day may be applied before. suitable for sea side and mountains.

cell nutrition for the most demanding skin. perfectly suited for post-surgical skin care. external use only. allergy tested. nature. pure. 100%.

environmentally friendly and reef safe. no danger to aquatic life.

Aqua [levitised water]
Prunus armeniaca [yellow apricot oil]
Msm [methylsulfonylmethane = sulphur flower]
Dulcus prunis [sweet almond oil]
Usnea barbata extrakt [tree moss]
Tocopherol [vitamine e]
Calendula officinalis [field marigold]
Cocos nucifera [coconut extract]
Glycerolum [veg. glycerine]
Melaleuca alternifolia [tea tree extract]
Aloe vera 200:1 [aloe extract]
Retinyl palmitate [vitamine a]
Citrus paradisi [grapefruit kernel extract]
Calciol [vitamine d3]
Micro titanium dioxide
Micro zinc dioxide
Citrus sinensis [orange leaf extract]
JLSE® [julisis liquid silver essence]