GOLD EMULSION DAY / 50ml, 1.7oz


Made with the living enzymes from wildflower honey, propolis and bee pollen this unique formula stimulates your skin's own vital functions and regulates the sebum-moisture balance. Your skin becomes more firm, supple, toned and smooth. Fine lines and wrinkles will be less visible. Stabilizes sensitive and irritated skin and restores the physiological balance.
gold emulsion day permeates instantly for all-day protection.

Perfectly suited for post-surgical skin care. Allergy-tested

Mel [wild flower honey]
Cera alba [bee's wax]
Bee pollen extract
Propolis extract
Hypericum perforatum [St. John's Wort oil]
Royal jelly extract
Aqua [spring water]
JLGE® [julisis liquid gold essence]
Balsam fir extract [abies balsamea]